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Old Time Music and Dance

From my book, The Contrarian.   If you are interested in purchasing this book, go to Ordering Information

The Contrarian     Table of Contents

Some Dances from The Contrarian

Riding the Waves
Circle Mixer       February 14, 1998

A1 (Start in Wavy Circle, Men facing out, partner in Right) Rory O'More Balances (see below)

A2 Allemande Left "Corner" (old partner), Allemande Right "New" Partner, Allemande Left Corner, Walk by New Partner passing Right Shoulder

B1 BALANCE and Swing "next" new Partner

B2 Promenade, end in wave (Men step forward, holding this partner's Right hand)

Rory O'More Balances in A1:
While holding hands in a wave:
       Balance right, towards Partner, left away from Partner (4)
       Chasse (slide) right past Partner to reform the wave, Partner now in left (4)
       Balance left (!) towards Partner, right away from Partner (4)
       Chasse left, back to original position (4)

The name, Rory O'More, comes from the a traditional dance (tune and song) of the same name. It's a great dance and should be danced to its tune.

A Last Hurrah
Contra - Improper       September 15, 2000

A1 Long Lines Forward and Back, Roll Away with a Half Sashay; Men start a half Hey, Left Shoulder

A2 Men Allemande Left 1, Swing Partner

B1 Circle Left ; Do Si Do Neighbor

B2 Balance and Swing Neighbor

** Written on the way to Echo Summit 2000.

Melissa's Bliss
Contra - Becket Right

A1 Circle Left ; Swing Neighbor

A2 Men pull by with the left, right shoulder gypsy Partner; Swing Partner

B1 Hey for four, men start, left shoulder

B2 On left diagonal, those two men allemande right , Men pull that man's partner into a chain (to Partner), courtesy turning partner to face a new couple

Midnight at Monte Toyon
Contra - Becket        March, 1998

A1 Long lines forward and back; Half hey, women start, right shoulder

A2 Women chain diagonally to the right; Women chain across (to shadow)

B1 Form a circle and balance the ring, turn to the right while turning single (as in Petronella) Reform circle and again balance the ring, and again turn right while turning single but this time, look for your Partner

B2 Balance and swing Partner

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