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Contra Caller, Musician, Composer, Teacher and Author


Welcome to my Home Page. Here I share a bit of myself, what I do, and some of my thoughts. I hope you find it interesting, fun, and even educational.

First, I am a dance caller (You know, Allemande Left and all that...) and a musician. Check here for some of my Upcoming gigs.

I love all kinds of dancing. As a dance caller, I teach and lead Contra Dances for all sorts of groups, old and young: Contra Dances and Family Dances. All dances are to real people playing real Old-Time Dance Music.

Besides calling dances, I teach and play fiddle, guitar, recorder, and more. I love teaching and leading workshops in Music, Dance and Calling. And I'm currently in three contra dance bands, 3 O'Clock Shadow, The OpporTunists, and Erik Thor & Hands Four. We play for Contras, Squares, parties, and other events.

Also, I am a Universal Life Church Minister, and take great pride in working with couples to create and officiate personal, alternative weddings.

Born in California, I grew up in Santa Barbara and have lived in the Bay area since 1994. Find out more about me: Bio, Personal Interests, or Interview by Alice LaPierre.

Erik Books I've Written:

The first two books are new.
Old-Time Dance Calling for Weddings, Parties, and One-Night Stands
The Contrarian - Contains many new dances and tunes.
Contradictations - More Thoughts, Dances, & Tunes about and for Contradances
     Click to see the first four chapters of my book, or here to see the listing of dances. Contra Comments
     Click to see a couple chapeters from Contra Comments

-Two chapters and a List of dances

If you would like to order any of the above books, go to Ordering Information
Tunes I've composed:
Wee Hours Waltz
Waltz for Phyris
My Own Waltz
Dance Caller's Notes:
Missing Duck
Melissa's Bliss
There is No Way to Peace; Peace Is the Way

Upcoming Dates
My thoughts on

My Bands

3 O'Clock Shadow
     Erik Hoffman Fiddle
     Chris Grampp Guitar
     Peter Langston Mandolin
     Adam Cavan Bass

The OpporTunists
     Erik Hoffman Guitar, Fiddle, Percussion
     Alan Snyder Fiddle, Piano
     Topher Gayle Bass, Mandolin, Mandola, Guitar, Percussion

Erik Thor & Hands Four
     Erik Hoffman Fiddle & Calling
     Ingrid Noyes Banjo & Accordion
     Michael Harmon Guitar
     And when we play we often are joined by many friends.

"There is no way to peace; peace is the way."
This is a quote from the late A. J. Muste. He was once said to be the nations most famous pacifist. He would get coverage in Life and Time magazines. I wonder what it would be like if pacifist thoughts and ideals made it into the national press these days. ~ erik

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Contact: Erik Hoffman, P.O. Box 10821, Oakland, CA 94610
Phone (510) 444-4397, e-mail -- erik, with a 'k'

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